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Low Tech Talk About High Tech Stuff

The View As of September 4th, 2018
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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Ranger 225

This cycle we are featuring the Lincoln Electric Ranger 225 This popular multiprocessing engine drive welder has been designed to do stick, TIG, MIG, or flux core processes.

A well-rounded ability to do multiple processes from the same machine, ensuring your dollar goes further.

The fully enclosed case completely protects the machine. There are three access doors so that you can easily service the welder. The specially designed enclosure allows a lower operational sound level (76 DBA at 23 ft.).

The rated output when constant current (CC) welding is 40% when operating at 225 amps / 25 volts and 100% when operating at 210 amps 25 volts. When operating with constant voltage (CV) the duty cycle is 100% at 200 amps at 20 volts. These ratings were calculated at an ambient temperature of 104 Deg. F. There are three amperage ranges with generous overlaps for Stick, and TIG welding with fine tune controls to select the optimum setting.

There is a 10,500 watt single phase AC Generator Section for peak motor starting and 9000 watts of continuous power. Perfect for plasma cutting, inverter welders, lights and grinders. A single 120/240 volt 38 amp and two 120 volt duplex 40 amp outlets are on the front of the machine. Simultaneous welding and AC power available is 3,950 watts of AC while welding at 145 amps. This unit is powered by a 23 HP Kohler, two cylinder, four cycle, overhead valve, air-cooled, gasoline engine. It has a 12 gallon fuel tank to get you through the work day without having to stop as often. When running at 210 amps 100% duty cycle you will burn 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour. The fuel gauge is visible on both sides of the machine making it easy to see when you are low.

There are many accessories available for this machine such as the square wave TIG 200 (LNCK5126-1) TIG welder and the Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter (LNCK2808-1) to broaden your ability to expand your services.

We have added to and increased our inventory on the following Metabo brand grinders:


The WP9-115 4 ½ inch angle head grinder, (MET600380420) 8.5 amp, 10,500 RPM, quick change disc button, torque limiting clutch, paddle switch.

The WEP-15-150 6 inch angle head grinder, (MET600488420) 13.5 amp, 9600 RPM, soft start, torque imitating clutch, vibration dampening, paddle switch.

The WEV-15-150HT 6 inch angle head grinder, (MET600563420) 13.5 amp, 2000-7800 RPM, thumb wheel variable speed, soft start, torque limiting clutch.

The WP 850-115 4 ½ inch angle head grinder, (MET601234420) 8 amp, 11000 RPM, paddle switch.

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