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Low Tech Talk About High Tech Stuff

The View As of May 1st, 2018
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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Vantage 300

This cycle we are featuring the Lincoln Electric Vantage 300. This machine is ideal for Construction, Pipe welding rigs and Rental fleets. It is light weight (1035 lbs.) and is suitable for mounting on most pickup trucks. The case is stainless steel for protection and durability. It is a multi-process machine that includes Constant Current (CC) Stick welding up to 3/16 at (40 to300 Amps) on downhill pipe welding. There is a latched and lockable radiator cap cover. You can DC Touch Start TIG weld from 20 to 250 Amps. It will run Constant voltage (CV) wire up to 5/16. These machines will Arc Gouge using up to ΒΌ inch carbons.

The 4 cylinder, 22 HP, water-cooled, 1800 RPM KUBOTA industrial diesel engine gives you plenty of power. The automatic idling gives you greater fuel economy and reduced noise. The fuel, oil pressure and engine temperature gauges allow you to monitor the engine performance. The large 20 gallon fuel tank provides for an extended day of welding. It will give you over 16 hours of welding at 300 amps 32 volts at 100 % Duty cycle or run 49 hours at high idle.

The controls are kept simple with a flip down panel door to keep less frequently used dials out of the way. Digital meters for Amps and Volts make it easier to set up your procedures. There is a convenient pull out battery tray below the control panel for easy access to your batteries. For added safety when Stick welding in wet and hot humid sweaty conditions there is a switch to activate the (VRD) Voltage Reduction Device. When activated during stick welding it reduces the high open circuit voltage that can give you a shock under humid conditions.

The innovative service access is a lockable and removable access door that provides plenty of space for engine oil filter servicing.

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