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Low Tech Talk About High Tech Stuff

The View As of July 1st, 2017
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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Trailblazer 325

This cycle we are featuring MILLER ELECTRIC's Trailblazer 325. This industrial grade portable welder / AC generator (MLR 9075100001) is one of Miller's latest x-ray quality welding machines. The output on DC Stick, DC TIG, and Pulsed TIG and MIG/Flux core is from 10 to 325 Amps with MIG adjustable from 10 to 35 volts. This unit is also capable of running ¼ inch carbons for the air cutting and gouging process. The generator is powered with a KOHLER CH730 twin cylinder 4 cycle overhead valve industrial air cooled engine. The AC generator is rated to be operational at 104 Deg. F. when running 12,000 peak or 10,500 watts continuous.

The machine has three Stick welding modes. Mode One is optimized for the majority of stick welding applications. Mode Two is a hotshot mode for pipe welding. Mode Three is for Carbon Arc cutting and gouging. The machine has three modes of Lift-Arc TIG as well. 1. Auto Stop Mode that allows the arc to be broken without loss of shielding gas. 2. An Auto-Crater Mode that ramps down the current at the end of a weld to eliminate the end-of-weld crater without the use of a remote control. 3. Pulse Mode for out of position, thin material and stainless applications.

The arc control is active when in the stick and solid wire processes and is adjustable from soft to stiff arc to control the fluid puddle. The engine auto-speed position allows the engine to run at one of four lower speeds to match the requirements of the power needed.

Maintenance is made easy on this machine. The oil check can be made from the top, the side panels can be opened without tools to allow access to single side fuel filling and oil drain / filler. There are many optional Accessories for this Miller work horse machine.

MAKITA has added a couple of new tools to their cordless system. For their new 32volt system, Makita has chosen to stay with the 18 volt Battery platform. The new 32 volt tools will take two of the 18 V. 5.0 Ah Lithium–Ion Batteries.

Cordless Chain Saw          Cordless Blower

The first kit is a 32 Volt Cordless Chain Saw (MAK XCU02PTX10). The Kit includes a 12 inch Chain Saw, Two 18 V. 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries, A Dual Port Charger and also included is a 18 Volt LXT Brushless Angle Grinder.

The second kit is a 32 Volt Brushless, Cordless Blower Kit (MAK XBU02PTX1). The Kit includes a variable speed, 120 mph air velocity / 473 CFM blower, Two 18 V. 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries, A Dual Port Charger and also included is a 18 Volt LXT Brushless Angle Grinder.

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