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Part #LNCK4166-2


DC Pipe Current: 300A/32V/100%
Range: 40 to 300 AMPS
DC Touch Start TIG®: 250A/30V/100%
Range: 20-250 Amps
DC Constant Voltage: 300A/32V/100% 350A/28V/100%
Range: 14-32 Volts Single Dial Continuous Control
Net Weight: 1034 lbs (469.02 kg)
Engine: Kubota® V1505 EPA Tier 4 Final

Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
Gray Painted Steel Case
Price: $18,197.85 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

When you’re in the cross-country pipeline welding business, your results are only as good as the arc quality, reliability and portability of your equipment. The Cross Country® 300 engine-driven welder gives you all three of these and more. The Cross Country 300 gives you plenty of single and three phase AC generator power for grinders, pumps and trailers. It all comes in a compact, lightweight package that will fit into any truck bed and give you plenty of visibility through the rear window.