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Part #ORS758-HT-3

  • Lifting Capacity: 10 lbs.
  • Telescoping Range: 8-1/4" to 30-1/4"
Manufacturer: Ullman Devices Corp
10 lbs. of lifting power

POWERCAP® increases magnetic power and shields sides of magnet from attaching to unwanted metal surfaces.

Price: $20.19 Each

The Ullman Hi-Tech Magnetic Pick-Up Tool features a POWERCAP® magnet that makes it great for getting to those hard to reach areas. The POWERCAP® shields the sides of the magnet from attaching to unwanted metal surfaces and increases the power of the magnet. Handles has a comfortable textured cushion grip that keeps handle secure in wet or oily hands.

Special Features:

  • Neobymium-Iron-Boron extra high flux magnet for maximum strength
  • Stainless steel telescoping handle is strong, long and lightweight
  • Pocket clip keeps it handy and secure