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Part #MLR907753

  • Rated Output at 104° F (40°C)
    • MIG/FCAW: 325 A at 28 V, 100% duty cycle
    • TIG/Stick: 325 A at 28 V, 100 % duty cycle
    Output Power Range
    • DC Stick/TIG: 10- 325 A
    • MIG/FCAW: 10-35V
    Generator Power - rated at 104°F (40°C)
    • Accu-Rated 12,000 Watts Peak
    • 10,500 Watts Continuous
    Net Weight
    • 460 lb (208 kg)
    • Kohler: 25 HP at 3600 RPM (gas)
Manufacturer: Miller Electric
with 25HP Kohler Engine


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Price: $5,961.00 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

Designed for the professional welder, the Trailblazer welder/generators deliver unbeatable arc performance in all weld processes, providing the smoothest, most stable arc in the industry. The independent welder and generator power system means no interaction between jobsite tools and the welding arc.

Special Features:

  • Smart-Cor Technology provides a new level of clean generator power
  • Auto-Speed Technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to match actual load requirements
  • Innovative Design provides quieter operation, reduced size and weight, and easier maintenance
  • Improved Arc Performance for 3 stick modes, 2 wire modes and 3 TIG modes
  • 12,000 watts of clean generator power
  • TIG Pulse Mode available for out-of-position welding, thin metals and stainless steel where a lower amount of heat is desired while welding
  • Infinite Arc Control available in the stick and solid wire modes
  • Up to 68% Sound Reduction over the previous model Trailblazer
  • Reversed Generator Airflow for cooler and more efficient operation
  • Exceptional fuel-efficiency and quiet operation