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Part #KRYA1201T1232

  • Scent: Slight floral
  • Description: Quart bottle w/ Trigger
  • pH: 7
  • Size: 33 oz
Manufacturer: Krylon Industrial
All Purpose neutral pH cleaner/degreaser

Heavy duty degreaser for your most heavy duty jobs!

Price: $115.56 Box (12)

Sprayon® CD™ 1201 Neutra-Force® Foaming Aerosol Degreaser is an outstanding degreaser that delivers fast and effective cleaning on a variety of industrial soils. It contains no caustics, alkali, phosphates, or silicates. Powerful foaming action clings to surface and effectively breaks down contaminants for effortless removal. Contains no fragrance or dyes and is acceptable as an A1 rated cleaner in food processing facilities.

Special Features:

  • All purpose neutral pH cleaner/degreaser
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains no caustics, acids, butyls or other harsh chemicals
  • Contains malodor counteractant
  • Meets Boeing Spec Bac 5763, Type 1
  • C1 Rated