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Part #LNCK2606-1


Unit Includes - Invertecе V155-S
- Stick electrode holder, cable and Twist-Mate™ plug.
- Work clamp and cable with Twist-Mate™ plug.
- Fully adjustable shoulder strap.
- 120/230V input cord [6.6 ft. (2 m)] with a 120V 15 Amp plug.
- Extra 120V 20 Amp plug.
- PTA-17V TIG torch with UltraFlex cable and Twist-Mate adapter.
- PTA-17 Parts Kit.
- Gas Regulator.
- Easy-Store/Easy-Carry Suitcase.


  • Weight:14.7 lbs. (6.7 kgs. )
  • Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 11.3 x 6.2 x 15.4
  • Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 288 x 158 x 392

    Welding Specs
  • Rated CC Output (AMPS/VOLTS/DUTY CYCLE) 100/14.0/100% 155/16.2/30%
  • Output Range: 5-155A DC
Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric

Portable. Professional. Rugged. Affordable.

Price: $1,569.00 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

The NEW Invertecе V155-S offers much more than you would expect from a welder this size. Weighing in at just under 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) the Invertecе V155-S is no lightweight contender. It packs the full punch of a heavyweight professional that you can take to the most demanding job sites. With 120/230V auto reconnect operation, the Invertecе V155-S can operate from a portable generator. It can also plug into a 200 foot (61 m) 230V extension cord (not included) so you can weld just about anywhere. The tough dent resistant case is IP23 rated for outdoor use.