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Part #WEL65-1/8

  • Tensile strength - Up to 72,000 PSI
  • Spatter free, high-density, ductile deposits.
  • Close color match to cast iron
  • Good Machinability - BHN 190-220
  • 1/8" Rod Run at 50 to 100 Amps
  • AC or DC Reverse Polarity
Manufacturer: Welco
Welco 65

Welco 65 is for the repair of all types of cast iron.

Price: $52.25 Pound

It yields dense, strong, yet totally machinable deposits. It is ideal for the repair of "Meehanite", "Ni-Resist", ductile iron and for the joining of cast iron to steel. Typically applications embody the repair of castings, housings, gear teeth, motor blocks, machine bases, etc. For Gray and Alloyed Cast Irons.